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Nature is the greatest teacher of all and should be respected, learned from, and mimicked wherever possible. The human eye identifies best with natural landforms as compared to those which are man-made.  Designing courses with a natural look and fitting them to the land respects the land and the natural processes that govern and rule it.  This is the philosophy we will take with your course – to make appear as though it has been there for decades! 

We also want to make your course fun to play!  Not too long, with a mix of some short birdie holes, and a couple of long holes for balance.  Each hole will have a different overall strategy to employ in order to play the hole correctly. This ensures the course is memorable and one that patrons will want to play again and again.

We begin our projects by meeting with our clients to confirm their objectives, goals, project program, brief and an understanding of budgets. Then we conduct thorough and multiple site reconnoitres, walking and traversing  the site with topographic maps to identify natural features with the intent of incorporating them into our designs.  From there we develop routing studies to tease out the best course possible for the site with minimal disturbance. Our client then will review our initial settled routing plan which will further be developed into a Preliminary Master Plan and ultimately Master Plan.  The Master Plan is then utilised as a base to develop comprehensive Construction Documentation plans for tender and construction.

Once construction begins we provide Field Design Coordination services so construction work is performed and progresses in accordance with the integrity and intent of our designs, Client contract with the Golf Course Contractor, Client's goals and objectives for the project, constructed to industry standards of quality, and correctly installed in the field thourgh grow-in.  This affords opportunities to communicate, coordinate, and work with and between the Client and Golf Course Contractor on a direct and personal basis.  The visits allow us to analyse and evaluate any opportunities or constraints which may arise during construction and immediately offer solutions and/or design modifications. We want your course to be built right the first and only time. We enjoy and insist upon taking a hands-on approach to the implementations of our designs and providing personalised service!

BIRD GOLF DESIGN's golf course architectural professional services include: